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Yo. This account has been untouched since 2012, but if you're somehow still following me, I post my art on tumblr now. is the catch all blog and is my photography (and sometimes "film") only blog. If you're still interested in my stuff, head over there. Love y'all!
Oh wow. Geeze, I haven't updated in forever! God, sorry bout that. OTL

*cough* Anways! Today, I am going to update! So prepare for a flooding of the inboxes! Sorry for the general annoyance the flooding might cause.

I have a new camera! A Canon Rebel XTi! My Uncle gave it to me for...Christmas. /blinks/ I'm still using my Fuji though. The Canon is very testy and slow, but gives my shots a nice quality. :/ I'm trying to work with her.

I'm now on tumblr, ( ) too! I'm mostly a reblogging whore, but my art does go on there from time to time. c:

Oooh! And I've recently gotten hooked on Supernatural! (Which my Father finds strange, since I hate horror movies with a passion. Yet, all the blood and gore on the show doesn't even faze me. xD Yes, my brain is wired weird.) I think I'm a bit of a Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) fangirl. /blushes/ Good Lord, that man is handsome! And I haven't seen anything past season 4, but I cannot wait to see Castiel in action! Misha Collins is very good-looking, from what I've seen on tumblr. C: /blushes again/

Also, my Father and Dean are disturbingly alike. It's very strange. X.x' (My Father even had an Impala when he was younger! It was a '65 though, not '67.)

I'm going to try and deposit all the baby-sitting money I made (Thank God for Margo!) into the bank. Seeing as I'm almost flat out broke, and I have only a little more then $100 bucks in cash. ;A; And then get seasons 4 & 5 of SPN, which are more then half off on Amazon. <3

AND BORDERS IS GOING OUT OF BUSINESS, WAH. I have no where to get manga! ;A;/ It's a cruel world...

I'm going to stop my wandering ramblings, and leave you to do whatever you're going. c:

Have a nice day, everyone! :heart:
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