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Beginning of Her End
…Your ending is your beginning.
"My ending? What the fuck do you mean by that? How 'bout talking straight for once!" she snarled. He had been talking her around in circles for almost an hour now!
Ezekiel hesitated. You…you must to die in order to live.
Kat stared at the angel, her eyebrows scrunching together as her mouth was drawn downwards.
"I have to…die, in order to…live? What? That doesn't make any more sense then the first thing you said."
If you don't…die here, in this time, then you'll have never existed in the first place. I am not certain as to why your death here insures your future existence, or what causes your demise, only that it must happen. He said with a small frown. I…I am not…enamored with this entire situation, to be honest.
Kat snorted, and glanced side long at him. "Yeah, you and me both, babe."
She crossed her arms and stepped forward to the cliff edge, looking out over what appeared to be a w
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A Paradox of Sorts
…I understand that the concept of your demise could be potentially panic inducing, but-
Kat stuck out a hand, cutting the angel off. "No, no. It's not the dying bit I'm stuck on. Death doesn't freak me out. It's the whole, 'I have to die in the past in order to be born in the future' part that's got me twisted. I mean, wouldn't that like, I dunno, create a paradox of some sort?"
She looked over at Ezekiel, looking very uncomfortable sitting ramrod straight in an armchair across the room.
I do not believe that is so. He started hesitantly. I…I believe that if the events that I spoke of previously do not come to term, that that would create a paradox.
"Wait a sec. If I go back in time and die there, that won't make a paradox, but dying in my own time, in the present, will create a paradox." Kat blinked. "Dude, that is one of the most whacked out things I've heard."
:iconhanyoalchemist780:HanyoAlchemist780 0 0
Kat is Not Amused
Ezekiel straightened. "I must depart."
"Wait! Don't leave! I don't understand what you meant by-!"
But he had already disappeared.
"Motherfucking ANGELS!" she bellowed, hands strangling the air.
:iconhanyoalchemist780:HanyoAlchemist780 0 0
Face Off
Taking a deep breath and standing up straight, she started to speak. "Your not gonna kill me." She brazenly announced. "Your not even gonna attempt to. Unless you wanna to die." The demon smirked, "Says you and what army?" Kat lift her arm and pointed to the sky. "That army."
The demon blinked. Then burst out laughing.
"What? You, you think Heaven will help you? You think angels give a shit about you humans? You think they'll actually swoop down and save your sorry ass?!" asked the demon, smiling widely, incredulous.
Kat remained silent, stone faced.
The demon shook her head, making the tiny braids framing her face shake. "You honestly think they'll stop me from killing you, don't you?" She began to slowly walk closer. "Well, hate to break it to you kid. They won't. They didn't give a rats ass about the entire planet getting roasted, so they sure as hell won't care about one stupid human getting offed."
Kat smiled slightly, which made the demon pause. "Well," Kat said slowly. "I can th
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Oh wow. Geeze, I haven't updated in forever! God, sorry bout that. OTL

*cough* Anways! Today, I am going to update! So prepare for a flooding of the inboxes! Sorry for the general annoyance the flooding might cause.

I have a new camera! A Canon Rebel XTi! My Uncle gave it to me for...Christmas. /blinks/ I'm still using my Fuji though. The Canon is very testy and slow, but gives my shots a nice quality. :/ I'm trying to work with her.

I'm now on tumblr, ( ) too! I'm mostly a reblogging whore, but my art does go on there from time to time. c:

Oooh! And I've recently gotten hooked on Supernatural! (Which my Father finds strange, since I hate horror movies with a passion. Yet, all the blood and gore on the show doesn't even faze me. xD Yes, my brain is wired weird.) I think I'm a bit of a Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) fangirl. /blushes/ Good Lord, that man is handsome! And I haven't seen anything past season 4, but I cannot wait to see Castiel in action! Misha Collins is very good-looking, from what I've seen on tumblr. C: /blushes again/

Also, my Father and Dean are disturbingly alike. It's very strange. X.x' (My Father even had an Impala when he was younger! It was a '65 though, not '67.)

I'm going to try and deposit all the baby-sitting money I made (Thank God for Margo!) into the bank. Seeing as I'm almost flat out broke, and I have only a little more then $100 bucks in cash. ;A; And then get seasons 4 & 5 of SPN, which are more then half off on Amazon. <3

AND BORDERS IS GOING OUT OF BUSINESS, WAH. I have no where to get manga! ;A;/ It's a cruel world...

I'm going to stop my wandering ramblings, and leave you to do whatever you're going. c:

Have a nice day, everyone! :heart:
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